Digital Camera Care and Maintenance - MfkMedia

Like most electronic devices, digital cameras need extra care when being handled. They have sensitive components that may be damaged by improper handling.

We therefore came up with several tips to help you maintain your camera so that you can use it for a much longer time.

1. Keep your camera from getting wet unless it is indicated that it is waterproof. Otherwise, moisture will build up inside it which will destroy your camera's internal components.

2. If you are using a rechargeable battery for your camera, the time will come when it no longer works as well as it used to.

Typical Lithium Ion batteries last up to 500 cycles after which a decline in its performance can be noticed. Dispose of your batteries properly and replace them with new ones.

3. Always keep your lens clean. This is especially the case if you have a digital SLR as its lens is more complex and need better maintenance. Read your user's manual on how to maintain your camera's lens.

4. Avoid dropping your camera. As mentioned earlier, your camera contains sensitive equipment which may be destroyed due to excessive shaking or impact.

5. When shooting pictures in the sea, make sure to protect your gear by waterproofing it well. Salt water can corrode your camera.

Therefore, you should gently wipe its surface with a cloth dipped in fresh water to rinse off remnants of salt water on your camera. Wipe it dry after.